Who is
Daniel Javor?

Over the past decade Daniel has built and acquired dozens of online businesses. He started at an early age of 13 as an Ebay Powerseller and went into digital marketing 10 years later as a co-founder of PurpleLeads one of the pioneers in Facebook advertising.

Today Daniel is an active online and offline investor operating a portfolio of online businesses as well as a widespread real estate portfolio in 3 continents employing over 50 employees worldwide.

Early Life

Daniel had a knack for entrepreneurship from an early age when he started reselling trading cards from his classmate on ebay in 1998, within 2 years he turned it to one of the biggest online trading card businesses at that time.

Daniel Javor early life


In 2008, he invested his money into a retail beachwear fashion chain in Israel, which he successfully exited in 2010

Soon after understanding the limitations of traditional retail he saw the potential of the emerging digital marketing industry and went back to his early roots as a digital entrepreneur launching many successful ventures including the affiliate company JavaBlue and the leading financial lead generation agency PurpleLeads

Daniel Javor Holdings

Since 2017 Daniel is a full-time investor, actively buying and growing online business and real estate and having full owner ship in over 30 companies worldwide. Daniel owns businesses anywhere from online publishing, digital marketing, SaaS, ecommerce and real estate . Daniel launched his fully privately owned investment company in 2017 and the company grew to 8 figures within the first 3 years.

Daniel also mentors and acts a public speaker teaching young and seasoned entrepreneurs on how to do their first successful online acquisition and on how to make better deals and business decisions.

Giving Back

Daniels Holding company extends beyond his knack of profit making into the world of non-profits.

Below are some of the charities Daniel is taking an active part in and he actively spends time listing to new charitable opportunities around the globe. Feel free to reach out and tell us about your charity!

Personal Life

Daniel today is what you consider a digital nomad, he is a big believer in a healthy work/life balance and does not believe being bound to one physical place. He enjoys travelling the world with friends and family.


Daniel has been speaking around the globe at Conferences and Masterminds. Below are some of his recordings

In case you are interested in booking Daniel as a speaker reach out to us below.


Daniel has been speaking around the globe at Conferences and Masterminds. Belo ware some of his recordings.

  • Exit Strategy for business owners
  • Acquisition strategy for investors
  • Lead Generation
  • Growth Hacking
  • Operations

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Daniel is bookable for consulting. His expertise are:

  • Exit Strategy for business owners
  • Acquisition strategy for investors
  • Growth Hacking
  • Team Structures

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